Vancouver, British Columbia



  • “O Vancouver, is it time to stand up?”
    On, 17 January 2014 | Excerpt: “Nestruck mentioned that Caleb McMullen, the young co-founder and artistic producer Mnemonic Theatre in Vancouver, wanted to re-educate Vancouver audiences on ovations. McMullen planned to include the following text into show programs…”
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  • “MTP: Authentic Shows for the 20’s & 30’s Crowd”
    On ZeeBigBlog, 15 May 2013 | Excerpt: “That’s the offer from one Vancouver-based company, who will refund the ticket cost for anyone who buys a ticket for their revival of David Auburn’s Proof and decides it’s not their cup of tea.”
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  • “THE INTERMISSION TEST” on The Charlebois Post
    By Joel Fishbane, 30 March 2013 | Excerpt: “It’s a bold idea and at its heart is a realization that, like any business, theatre has to worry about what their customers think. Money-back guarantees are standard in other industries and suggest both a concern with customer service and a confidence in one’s product.”
  • “STOOD THERE – APPLAUDED THAT” in The Globe and Mail
    By J. Kelly Nestruck, 19 February 2013 | Excerpt: “And there is a simple way to find out whether audiences truly like your show – it’s called the box office. If McMullen really wants to be sure his audiences aren’t lying, he could always offer a money-back guarantee.”
  • “I Can’t Stand It!: @mnemonictheatre vs. @nestruck”
    On, 12 February 2013 | Excerpt: “A Twitter debate over an idea ovation innovation: Asking audiences to please stay seated unless “incredibly satisfied”. Vancouver’s Mnemonic Theatre proposes; Globe and Mail critic J. Kelly Nestruck disposes. What do you think?”
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  • “Review on Proof by David Auburn”
    By Jo Ledingham, 06 June 2013 | Excerpt: “Directed by Raugi Yu in The Cultch’s tiny Vancity Culture Lab, this is a compelling production of a stimulating Pulitzer-prize winning play.”
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  • “Proof Shows No Lack of Ambition” In The Georgia Straight
    By Colin Thomas, 31 May 2013 | Excerpt: “In this Mnemonic Theatre production, director Raugi Yu takes Auburn’s commercial, naturalistic script and ramps it up. When Cathy gets upset, lights flash on the set, warning of incipient insanity, and we hear crazy, spooky whispering.”
  • “Review on Proof by David Auburn” On
    By John Jane, 31 May 2013 | Excerpt: “Through David Auburn’s simply titled two act play, director Raugi Yu, with help from an all Asian cast, steers the audience through a maze of complex family relationships and the close proximity of intellectual excellence to insanity. But Proof is much more than an account of the narrow boundary between genius and neurosis.”
  • “Wolfboy Review: Wolf Whistle” In NOW Magazine
    By Glenn Sumi, 26 August 2010 | Excerpt: “Mnemonic Productions is a young company, so it’s easy to forgive some lacklustre production details in their inaugural offering, a revival of Brad Fraser’s 1981 play Wolfboy. Thankfully, a couple of good performances and glimpses of Fraser’s early anarchic talent make this a worthwhile outing.”