Vancouver, British Columbia



Feeling like adopting a theatre company? | Think of Mnemonic Theatre Productions as being a little youngster of four years old. He is smart, inquisitive and ready for school. He’s standing on his own two feet, but still needs mommy and daddy more than ever to make sure that he gets what he needs to survive and grow strong. We are just like that little youngster right now. We have been around for four years, making a lot of noise, having a lot of fun and making some big waves in Canada’s Theatre Industry. Already some of our policies and ideas have been making the circuit and changing the ways that big theatre companies produce and market their theatrical art… but we still need so much help to get to the next stage of our development.

Most recently, Mnemonic Theatre Productions has altered its mandate to focus primarily on initiatives that cause a resurgence of interest in theatrical art. What that means to us right now is presenting free productions where audiences are (like the beach on a sunny day). Since we can’t rely on ticket sales to help us meet our budgetary needs, we continue to rely so heavily on our adoptive mommies and daddies who see that the work we are doing is important and want to contribute to the livelihood of our company’s artistic endevours.

Donating to Mnemonic Theatre Productions means more than just financially supporting a not-for-profit company in need; it means that you stand behind our mandate of regenerating Canadian audiences via our Butts-In-Seats Initiative by which every theatre company in Vancouver (and eventually all of Canada) will benefit.

Will you consider adopting Mnemonic Theatre Productions and holding our hand, helping us grow strong and being a part of a revolution of Canada’s Theatre Industry? Make a donation today and no matter how big or small, you will become a part of the Mnemonic Theatre Family and together we will change the world (well, at least the world of theatre… for now).

Much love,
Caleb McMullen | Artistic Producer