Vancouver, British Columbia




The Butts-In-Seats Initiative

More butts in more seats in more theatres: that is our goal. We began The Butts-In-Seats Initiative when we saw how responsive The City of Vancouver was to the word “free”. We realized that people who don’t normally see theatre as a source of entertainment will not pay the average ticket price of attending indie theatre (roughly $25). However, when we offered a free Romeo and Juliet on Sunset Beach last August, we saw a turnout of over one-thousand spectators. “Free” seems to be the magic word in one of the most expensive cities in North America. This year with Julius Caesar, we plan to demolish the precedent we set by doubling our audience, engaging artists with full Equity contracts, partnering with over a dozen local businesses, launching an impressive and impossible to ignore viral advertising campaign and gaining the attention of the country by securing articles and acknowledgment from national newspapers and broadcasts.

The Mnemonic Money-Back Guarantee

MONEY-BACK1Look, we totally understand. You came to see our show, you didn’t like it. It’s not your fault. So, you shouldn’t have to pay for it right? Right. Above anything else, Mnemonic Theatre Productions believes in being accountable to our audiences for the quality of the work that we produce. Fair is fair. And in the interest of fairness, Mnemonic Theatre Productions offers it’s audience the opportunity to receive a full money back refund at intermission to our full-scale theatrical productions. That means, of course, that you will not be admitted to the second half of the production. However, if you didn’t like the first half then you’ll probably be ok with that. All we ask in return is this: your honest feedback. Tell us why our show didn’t live up to your expectations, and we promise we will do better next time.

Mnemonic Theatre’s Money-Back Guarantee Policy was a product of debate between Artistic Producer, Caleb McMullen and The Globe and Mail’s J. Kelly Nestruck. Long story short, he challenged us, we accepted and by doing so we took full responsibility for our audience’s satisfaction. It was one of the best decisions we’ve made and the likes of which has been followed by major Canadian theatre companies including Arts Club (on subscriptions) and Canadian Stage (on tickets). In this way we have already proven that a small indie theatre company can make a big difference! E-Zine and Podcast

TIFS LOGO ezineandpodcastplustimeEstablished in 2010 by then struggling actor, Caleb McMullen, grew in popularity due to it’s very transparent and candid reflections on life in art. Caleb’s writing spoke directly to the emerging artist and gave them a voice that they could identify with.

What started as a public journal then grew into a forum for discussion and resource sharing among theatre professionals. Caleb began developing and publishing important resources for actors including listings of theatre companies, An Essential To-Do List for Theatre Producers, A How-To Guide on Getting into Actra, and a How-To Guide on Becoming an Extra in Movies. However, it wasn’t until his post Canadian Theatre Can Do Better that really picked up steam. This post was Caleb’s manifesto on theatre and was read over 3,000 times in the week it was published. Since then has been on the map as a leader in innovation and ideas for Canada’s theatre industry.

As a compliment to the e-zine, launched it’s own podcast hosted by Caleb McMullen on April 6th 2014. This podcast features lively debates about various aspects of theatre, special industry guests and the occasional reading of new plays. The TheatreisforSuckers Podcast streams live every Sunday evening at 5pm PT, 8pm EST.