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  • A Year of Sucking: Mnemonic Theatre in 2013
    A Year of Sucking: Mnemonic Theatre in 2013
    I find myself laying on my childhood bed in my childhood room (now my father’s office) on New Year’s Eve with nothing better to do but write down my thoughts. I tend to stay from the cliché and dance to the shakes of my own maracas, but since I seem to be without New Year’s Eve plans (a handsome young man was called into work leaving me plans-less) I find myself drawn to the infamous self-reflection of year-end-year-beginning bullshit. Well, I say if you can’t beat the cliché, you might as well join it. My name is Caleb McMullen, and this is my (biased) first-hand reflection on the growth of Mnemonic Theatre Productions in 2013.
    On September 24th 2012 I moved my newly 25 year old ass from my hometown of Toronto to Vancouver, British Columbia. This came at a time when Mnemonic Theatre Productions was firmly and gracefully getting its roots into the ground. I was running a scene study class and had four rounds solidly booked (resulting in a modest income). I was hosting a monthly actors networking event that had the promise of picking up steam. All was well in my world, but I was tired of working alone and needed out.
    Toronto had somehow become stale to me in a big way. I had trouble finding a good paying job with the flexibility I needed to be actively growing my career. No one really wanted to date me (... and still don't). The area of the city I was living in was shitty and over-populated. Outside of Mnemonic Theatre, I had very little going for me. My angst was extremely high and happiness an all-time low....
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